1.)Why ?

Ans- You will find a wide range of celebrates and artists, to make your event grand and success.

2.)Does All Indian Artist charge for booking an artist?

Ans- Yes, we add a minimal service charges for each booking.

3.)What if All Indian Artist doesn't have a particular artist I am looking for?

Ans- If you do not find an artist in our website or in our list don’t worry, just give us the name of the artist and we will arrange them for you.

4.)Do you handle Travel & Accommodation of the artists?

Ans- Yes, we will do as per your requirement by taking extra charges.

5.)What is the payment terms and cancellation policy?

Ans- You will have to pay 50% advance to book a date of an artist in favor of our account and balance 50% payment to pay before 1 (one) week of the event date and for cancellation and payment .