Founder Story

Yogiraj Pandya is a CEO of All Indian Artist. Yogiraj Pandya is connected with entertainment field more than 25 years. He was with International Club Leo Club of Rajkot Midtown as a Project Chairman in 1988 to 1995.

During this period our team arranged so many entertainment competitions as well as fashion shows and my entertainment journey started from here.

Now I am running another company as a event management “Crystal Events & Designer Wedding”. We are handling so many Marriages, Corporate Events, Theme Weddings, Fashion Shows, Musical Concert, Live Shows and so many entertainment and cultural programs.

Now a days everything is available online and its good for customer because you will get more choices, best quality, time saving and world class services at your door step. Our CEO Yogiraj Pandya also thought if vegetables also available online then why not our entertainment field and Artists not available online? Then our company All Indian Artist decided to provide a good platform to become a vast choice for his customers. We have good and skilled staff to serve you batter. Our company All Indian Artist decided to become a transparent between Artist and our customers, no middle man between you and your event. Once everything is decided before event then you will be rest assure and we makes your event day very special for you with any Hassel.